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Tomas Nadrchal, Landscape Photographer at Tenerife

About me

Photography is a way to show other people the way you see the world around us. I am a passionate lover of everything that makes our lives beautiful, from the first morning sunbeams to the late-night starry sky. I take photos to show others the beauty of the simple things I see with my eyes. My good friend and colleague once told me “I don’t shoot because I like it; I shoot because I love it”. I would sign myself under this statement (thank you, Reuben).

I am currently living in Prague, but originally coming from Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and still love coming back to enjoy the wonderful nature of my hometown. Lately I’ve been focusing mainly on landscape and drone photography, but I occasionally shoot events as well.

My first photo

My passion for photography started when I was 5 years old. Into that time dates my very first photograph – we were on a family holiday in Pec pod Snezkou in Giant Mountains, and I remember how much I loved “the glacier” – a place where snow stays until late summertime. My dad lent me his camera to take a picture of it, with my mom, dad and brother posing in front. You might argue that the horizon is not straight, that there is too much sky in the photo and that the center composition towards the “glacier” is not appealing, but I don’t mind. I still remember how happy I was when I got my dad’s camera into my hands… no wonder photography is my biggest passion even 30 years later.

Tomas Nadrchal, Landscape Photographer, my very first photo

Thank you

And by the way, thank you for visiting my gallery. I hope you liked what you saw there. If you’d like to get in touch with me for whatever reason, use the form below. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Have a nice day :)


Tomas Nadrchal

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T- +420 728 728 202

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